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This stage of services involve:
(i)For a development project by a private developer, determination of the economic viability of the proposed development before the developer is committed to the same; for a government project or project by a non-profit-making organization, determination of a project budget for the purposes of budget control. This entails the following services :
a) Advice on the economic implications of building on a selected site including the economic relationship between the site and the building plan shape, size and height.
b) Preparation of initial building cost targets on a square rate basis and comparison with know costs of completed buildings.
c) Preparation of initial detailed cost estimates based on approximate quantities and priced at current rates and establishment and maintenance of a cost plan.
d) Breakdown of estimates into elemental cost analysis for comparison with achieved costs of similar buildings.
e) Preparation of feasibility studies including income, expenditure cash flow.
f) Preparation of follow-up estimates or revised feasibility studies during the planning period to maintain budgetary control or to ensure the economic viability of the project.
g) Research and advice on the economic effect of proposed modifications in design, alternative materials, finishes and methods of construction.
(ii) Advice on and the execution of the tendering and contractual procedures. This entails the following services :
a) Advice on the most suitable method of tendering and the appropriate standard conditions of Contract Form to be used. Drafting contract clauses and/or amending the Standard Conditions of Contract Form to suit particular requirements of the Client.
b) Assisting in the selection of Contractors.
c) Preparation of bills of quantities and other tender documents. Preparation of an estimate by pricing the Bills of Quantities and reconciliation with previous estimates.
d) Preparation of tender reports and Contract documents..
This stage of services involves mainly, the exercise of cost control so as to ensure insofar as it is possible that the final Contract Sum will not overrun the original budget. It entails the following services :
(i)The preparation of progressive budgetary statements throughout the contract period to indicate the anticipated final cost of the project.
(ii)Regular attendance at site meeting.
(iii)Cost check on all variations proposed during the construction period to avoid over expenditure.
(iv)Estimating, measurements, valuation and negotiation of the cost of variations to the Contract.
(v)The examination, evaluation and negotiation of Builder's claim under the Contract.
(vi)Valuation of works in progress for interim valuations/certificates including variations.
(vii)Preparation of tender documents, tender reports and contract documents for prime cost and provisional sum items other than those under the charge of mechanical and electrical engineering consultants.
(viii)The preparation and presentation of a detailed statement of Final cost on the Project.
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